Thursday, January 13, 2011

the daily grind

Up not so early this Thursday, well 6:30.  I guess that still might be considered early.  I was planning on a much earlier get up and go time but sometimes the bed is just too comfy and I’m just too tired…
But once the kids are up everything changes.  We dive right into our school day around here, usually reading history around the breakfast table.  Sometimes the kids are dressed, usually not but that’s okay.  It’s how we do school and it works.
After the reading is over we zip upstairs to the school room to do the mapping and narration pages then jump right into handwriting.  Sometimes things flow smoothly from one thing to the next, today they didn’t.  And that’s okay.  Cayden checked out most of the day and once I realized she was writing a book I figured she was doing just fine.  One thing I’ve learned and relearned on this homeschooling journey is to be flexible.  Some days this is very difficult for me and my lists, but I know I’m getting better.  The fact that Aida wore her jammies until around 1 today is proof of that.
Back to the school day-from handwriting back downstairs for science reading then Bible. 
Coffee break.
Then back at it to finish the day.  I usually have the kids take turns so I can do individual lessons with the older two one on one.  Levi gets spelling, grammar, and math.  Cayden gets grammar and math.  Later in the afternoon when my energy is all gone we read.  Aida has her reading lesson and the other read independently, then I read to them.  And then Zac or I read to them again at bedtime.  But working one on one is the only way we can get things done.  Yes, it makes our school day longer.  Well, longer for me.  But it gives each of them a chance to take a break, get dressed, brush teeth and make their beds.  And sometimes it gives me a spare minute to myself.  Usually not, but sometimes.
On a typical day we finish the structured lessons by noon.  Then there’s lunchtime and some chores and some free play.  And today there was lots of energy contained in the house with too much rain and wind outside.  That can make for frustration, as it did today.  So there was lots of redirecting.  All in a days work.
Of course, their lunch is a bit different from mine.
The afternoon ended up with a few quiet moments before the girl’s ballet lessons.  They pirouette away while I plod along on the treadmill at the gym across the parking lot.  It’s a beautiful thing, for all three girls in the house.
We got home for dinner and reading time and thankfully, a 7 pm bedtime for the kids.  That is nice.
Tomorrow we’ll do it again.  Tackle a school day.  Learn about castles.  Read a few books.  Practice our cursive.  Review math.  Find an art project.  Do our chores.  And then…’s date night.  I love date night.  We’re thinking of seeing True Grit.  Have you seen it?  What do you think?  It’s a toss up between that or Narnia or making out in the van like teenagers.  Hmmm.  We’ve got options, don’t we?  Which movie would you see?


  1. Oh good post! I'm a home school mama too. ;) I was also home schooled growing up. It was the best thing my parents ever did for me.

    LOVED the photo of your kids reading. Actually, there were a lot of endearing photos on this post. <3

  2. Great photos! My hs day is a lot easier than yours as I only have 1 (for now anyway-#2 is baking away and kicking me while I type), but it is still exhausting! Reading is such a struggle for us still though (dyslexia) that there are days when I want to run away screaming. I (mostly) don't though. :) Deciding to hs was the best decision we ever made.

  3. I love reading how other homeschool families do their thing...we are all so different in our shared goal of home education. Hubby and I went on a "date night" the other week, which we only end up doing a few times a year...yeah, I know. We saw, "The Fighter" and it was surpisingly good. Whatever you end up doing, have fun!

  4. You make homeschooling sound so fun! I will definately consider this option with Ransom.
    I know it's past your date night, but movie reviews follow (we saw four in the first run theatre on account of our nice mommies who watched the baby so we could have date nights): True Grit was pretty good but I guess I'm not a true fan of westerns because it had a "it's a hard knock life" vibe that didn't have enough rosy moments for me.
    Loved Narnia! Loved Tangled! Loved The King's Speech (R for language, so depending what you think of R rated movies)!

  5. Love your blog! Could you please tell me where you got the globe that's on your table, I love the base on it. I have been looking everywhere for one, with no luck!


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