Saturday, January 1, 2011

Dear 2010, Thank You. (and a word for the New Year)

You were a good year, not free of difficulties but still good. You brought some trials but you also brought great joys.
In 2010 I celebrated my 32nd birthday; and said “Happy Birthday” to a seven year, a six year old and a four year old.
In 2010 I marked 11 years of marriage to my best friend, my partner in crime, my greatest confidant and my greatest encourager.
In 2010 I saw God’s hand of provision in remarkable ways.
In 2010 I ran over 600 miles, and trained for (and successfully completed) a half marathon.
In 2010 I moved the furniture around at least a hundred times.
In 2010 I vowed to pay attention to what God was up to and what he wants to do in me.
I also completed lots of crazy projects, homeschooled some crazy kids, took some vacations, and laughed a lot. Of course I cried as well.
It was a good year. And that seems like an understatement.
2011, I have the same hopes for you. I pray I enter this year more thoughtful and purposeful. My prayer is for a year of noticing. A year of discerning. A year where I don’t zip past special moments with my kids because I’m in a rush to get to the next thing. I year where I record where we as a family more, with a camera or a journal or whatever else is handy. A year of noticing how these kids of mine sound and feel and smile. Because by the years end they’ll be 5, 7 and 8. I long for a year of totally appreciating where I am in life, because this year won’t wait or allow me any do overs. And there is no such thing as a pause or rewind button on life. So my word for the year is notice. I want to notice more, slow down more. See what is going on around me.
Of course I have lots of other little ideas of things I want to do this year, but over it all I want to notice and be in the moment.
Here’s to a full year, a year of watching, a year of noticing. I pray you all have a wonderful New Year’s Day. And thanks to you, all of you who read and comment and enjoy the journey and the crazy and the sentimental with me. I truly appreciate you all!

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