Wednesday, January 12, 2011

God gets through

Sometimes being a parent is tough.  You wonder if you’re getting through, if they hear what you’re trying to say.  You pray they’ll know God and hear his voice, that your life points to Jesus.  It’s hard to know if your kids are listening and then you wonder, am I praying enough?  Am I doing enough to lead them to Jesus?
And then you realize that it’s really God’s job to draw them to him.  It’s my job as a parent to create an environment that makes God accessible, to lead by example and pray for God’s spirit to be heard in their hearts.  And then pray more and some more.
I know their relationship with God will be personal and unique and different from mine.  I can only pray and trust, and then lead the way by what I do. 
In the midst of that God is gracious enough to give me a glimpse, some evidence that they are hearing and listening to God.
I found these notes the other day in Cayden’s school notebook.  My heart swelled as I read them.
And I realized God is breaking through.


  1. So cute and true! My kids often say/write stuff like that - gives me hope.

  2. I love this post. I often worry/wonder about the same things...
    I love his notes :)

  3. Love how God answers the deepest wonderings of our hearts. So cool.

  4. that , my friend, is very very cool! :)


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