Monday, January 31, 2011

Our Favorite Places

I love my bed.
Sometimes I pass by my bedroom and glance at the bed.  And all I want to do is dive in and stay there for a while, it looks so inviting to me. 
I remember being on bed rest with my second pregnancy.  Someone said to me something about how I needed to enjoy this mandatory rest time, because a day will come when there won’t be much rest-and I’ll desperately want it.  At the time I remember thinking that person was crazy.  How could someone want to rest?  How could I be okay sitting around with a not even 2 year old little boy and little girl coming and the holidays so close (it was November) and so much to do?!?  I got to be okay with it because I really had no choice.  And if it meant letting my little girl cook longer so she would be born healthy at the right time it was okay, even though it was hard. 
But now I see what that person meant.  Sometimes I wish someone would send me to bed.  I’d gladly go, I’d take a book with me and a tray with a latte and some treats and read the day away.  I love my bed.  And I’d like to have more time there, just for resting and doing nothing and gazing out the window.
She loves her bed.
A light turned a place that was designed just for sleeping into a place of reading and drawing and puppet shows.  This little girl loves the light by her bed.  And most nights the promise of extra time to read here sends her up early.  And some days, the threat of losing this light and with it cherished book time is enough to correct any foul attitudes or behaviors.
And she loves the blue chair.
For her it’s not really the chair, but the place at the end of the table.  For family meals it’s Daddy’s spot, but any other time this is where she wants to be.  She likes it here, I’m not really sure why.  But she does and I’m more than happy to allow her the pleasure of sitting here.
We all love a cozy spot.
This is the winter time spot, good for reading to myself or reading out loud to some kids.  It’s also good for just sitting.  And when it’s movie night it’s great to pull back and turn around to get a better view of the show.  I love this chair and it’s flexibility.
He loves his Lego spot.
The boy in our house loves Legos, and loves to spread them out and has a hard time making this work in his room right now.  So we’ve compromised and stuck them in our hallway.  Unfortunately it’s just at the top of the stairs and just outside our bedroom door.  It’s taught us to walk gingerly, lest our bare feet take a beating on so many tiny parts.  But it works and that’s what matters. 
Making a home is about so much more than sticking furniture here and there and calling it good.  It’s thinking about how the space will be used.  Most importantly it’s thinking of how the people in the space want to live.  It’s for sure not about my vision of perfect. 
Sometimes I have to stop and remember that I’m not only one who lives here when it comes to setting up house.  My very important family lives here.  And they have very important ideas of what makes a place a favorite.  Legos will not always clutter our hallway and injure our unsuspecting toes.  Little girls may not always be motivated by extra time to read in bed.  But for now, those things are what’s important, so those things are what we will build the rooms in our house around.  It’s not about achieving some kind of design perfection, but working with what we have.  And because of that our house is filled with lots of favorite, special places.  And I like that.
Oh, my husband’s favorite place?  The garage-typical.  Or the hammock-again, typical.  And since I’m guessing you don’t really want to see my garage and the hammock is in storage for the winter, you’ll have to imagine these places.  They are dear to his heart.


  1. this is such a beautiful post. everything about this post is lovely.

    Our girls are all grown and have moved out of the house, I wish I would have been more insightful like you when they were growing up! It goes so fast and the joy they have in their 'spots' and making it their 'home' is so important! thank you for this very lovely post.

  2. Hi Gina! I saw your link on BLN today. I really love your profile comments and the quotes above. Totally speaking my language! I too have a lego boy, a reader girl, and a garage hubby :) Oh, and a dog who thinks I'm perfect. Have a great day. Leslie

  3. Have so enjoyed reading your blog! Your approach to parenting and life is inspiring! I stumbled on here when I googled a search for some sort of "attitude jar", for disciplining my girls. Got a link to your blog showing one of your "jar" approaches. Anyways, I'm thankful I found it! I'm also praying about homeschooling my girls, 5 and 7, next year. I'm considering doing Classical Christian Education curriculum, which I think you may do too (saw the castles). Thanks for sharing the "real-ness" of life with us!

  4. I love my hammock!

    Beautifully written, loving your pics and my kids looove lego too!

  5. I love the color of blue on your bedroom walls. Can you share the color, I'm thinking of repainting my walls in my bedroom. It looks so peaceful and calming.

    Thanks for sharing,

    ~ Lisa from Indiana ~

  6. I have an all white bed with cool color walls and white curtains in our room as well. Sa-weet.


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