Monday, January 24, 2011

Recently, on a Weekend

I wore my apron most of one day, I was feeling very domestic.
The kids and I made a castle.  I cheated and used hot glue to put the graham crackers together.  The kids didn’t mind too much, they were happy to eat lots of frosting with chocolate grahams.  We’re studying castles and knights and talked about all the parts of a castle.  Inside we even made a garden and the mill and you can see the keep sticking up there.  It was very fun, this week we focus on knights and I’m really excited.
I made blueberry coffee cake and then cut out a piece to save for myself for later, because I just knew that the kids would come through like a swarm of locusts and destroy it.  I’m guessing I’m not the only mom who hides treats for herself, right?
We contemplated giving the kids brownies for dinner, but common sense took over and we hastily made sandwiches and cut up some fruit.  Then we all ate too many brownies.  At least we had a little bit of healthy in us.
It’s really okay about the brownies, because we rented Just Dance 2 from Redbox and danced our little hearts out after dinner.  You want to know something amazing?  My husband, the one who “won’t dance, no way, no how,” not even at our wedding, he didn’t even dance then, my husband won nearly every single dance.  I must say I was surprised at his skills that he’s been hiding for the past 11 years.  I honesty thought I would be a lot better than him.
I made Kimba’s rustic, no knead bread.  Wow.  It’s good, really good.  If you haven’t seen this you need to go check it out.  I made it with half whole wheat pastry flour and half white flour.  It was amazing.  We’re already wondering how we could make 2 loaves at a time, it’s that good.
I took a nap.  And the house was empty.  And I was totally alone.  The house was so quiet, it was a blissful hour or so. 
The kids and I are reading Knights Castle.  I’m reading it out loud to them, it is very good and we are all hanging on every word.

And I scrapbooked.  It’s been awhile and I’ve been feeling very behind.  I used to end each year completely up to date on these things.  Then I started homeschooling and everything changed.  I just finally decided to get it done and not worry about how fancy or detailed the pages are or aren’t.  Just get the stories down and move on.  More on that later.
That just about sums it up.  It was a good weekend.  Relaxing.  And I’m grateful for it.
How about you?


  1. Nice weekend! My blog post for today is very similar, me and my girls together in the kitchen followed up by homemade bread for dinner!

    I haven't scrapbooked since before Christmas though... :(

  2. What a great weekend! We actually were cleaning fools. We tore apart our room and cleaned it from top to bottom, it was WAY overdue. But I did get to go scrapbooking at a friends house on Friday night, and I'm going this weekend too so I'm excited to get some pages done. Last week my hubby took the kids to the park and I was alone, in my own home, for almost two hours. It was awesome!

  3. LOL about the dancing. I'm sure now the same would happen at our house. Thanks for preparing me. We've gotta rent that this weekend!!


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