Saturday, January 29, 2011


Sometimes you plan some sort of fabulous post, or at least you try.  And then your husband takes the kids away for a few hours.  You sit and sip coffee and wander around the house in circles wondering why it’s so quiet. 
You get absolutely nothing accomplished.
And then they come home looking just as wonderful as when they left.
Case in point.
And then there’s this face. 
I mean mustache.
I mean face.  Hmmmmm, I love you honey, but pretty please can you shave that thing off?  I would appreciate it immensely.  Thank you very much.
And now I’m off to somewhere, by myself.  For a while.  Maybe a thrift store, maybe Target, maybe somewhere to sip coffee alone and accomplish nothing.  I sense a pattern forming here.
Hope you’re all having a great Saturday!


  1. ahhh!! that is too he joking around with that thing? he looks just like my muscle man from cost plus ;)

  2. sounds like a blissful day to me!


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