Wednesday, January 5, 2011

this is it….

…the run down on the Christmas/New Year’s Week, a week typically filled with much laziness and much eating.  Which typically leaves me feeling the need for stretchy pants, oh well-it’s a new year and time to start fresh anyway.
The day after Christmas my parents made the long journey up here and stayed with us for an entire week.  Heaven, it was heaven.  The week looked like this, lots of Legos scattered everywhere and three kids dying to play Mimi’s i-touch. 
We also celebrated someone’s sixth birthday.  Each year leaves more and more amazed at how the time flies.  Six seems mighty grown up to me.
We also had a second Christmas morning, and someone may or may not have been shocked about something.  Sure wish I could remember what!
When it was all said and done we had watched a lot of movies, ate a lot of candy, had a few shopping trips, played lots of games and stayed up too late.  It was wonderful.
We were all sad to see Mom and Dad (and their dogs) leave.
And I cannot believe that we spent an entire week together and I do not have one single picture of them on my camera.  (or any other grown up, for that matter!)  Hopefully Mom, you’ve got some on yours.  Otherwise you’ll have to come visit again, real soon. 
Now we’re getting back into the school schedule, after taking all of December off it sure feels good to be back to our lessons and the routine of daily life.  Christmas is all packed away, the furniture’s been moved around and life is settling.  That is a nice feeling.
How about you guys?  I usually feel mildly depressed after Christmas, but not this year.  It feels really nice to clean things out and start fresh!


  1. I'm with you.....forgot to take pics w/the grown-ups
    Yay for fresh starts!

  2. I might have a random one or two pictures of adults. The rest of them are the kids. Can't help it, they are just too darn cute!!! I'll forward you what I have.


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