Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Winter Nesting

After Christmas it’s always so nice to simplify.  De-clutter and clean and refresh.  After the Christmas things went away I left all the other stuff out in the garage.  That left me with less to do and less to dust.  Both of those make me a happy girl.
It also left my shelves with lots of room for the books that were piling up in odd and inconvenient places, like the kitchen table and the couch.  It seems like school books and study books are growing at an alarming rate around here, I guess that’s a good thing what with the home schooling and all.
And a clean table makes for a nice place to enjoy some hot chocolate.  Of course colored marshmallows are necessary.
And remember these ramblings about how I just couldn’t figure out what to do with this wall?  I finally figured it out.  I love the family pictures up there, love, love, love.  It works.  And that makes me happy too.
I like my winter house.  I’m sure once spring rolls around I’ll be craving more color, but maybe not. 
For now this look makes me happy. 


  1. Looks great! I too tend to pare things down after Christmas as well. Your home has so much natural light, it looks lovely.

  2. I hear you. Moving and making room for the books and such is such a great winter nesting activity!

  3. I love the blue circles on the wall (do they have mirrors inside?) so simple but such a great color!

  4. We are moving in a few weeks so I also kept most things put away after taking down all our Christmas decorations. I am looking forward to starting 100% fresh in a month or so in our new home!


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