Tuesday, February 22, 2011

around the house (choosing to be okay with what there is)

I think I have magazine-itis.

You know that feeling of dissatisfaction you get when looking through home magazines.? It can cause a seemingly normal gal (much like myself) to feel like what I have is not enough.  Not clean enough, not new enough, not trendy enough, just not enough.  It’s a nasty thing and it pulls me from what really matters in life to what is frivolous.  What is not lasting.  Bottom line is that it distracts me and costs me.  It costs my finances.  It costs my time.  It costs my emotions.  I mean, really, have you ever gone into a tizzy about your house and the stuff in it?  I know I have.

So today I had a bit of time home alone.  In the quiet I wandered around with the camera.  And looking back at the pictures I liked what I saw. 

I love the globes and the muscle man.  The butterflies are cut from scrapbook paper and are evidence that it doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive to look good.  I know we all know that, but sometimes I forget.


I love the mirrors and the bits of life that get reflected in them.


There’s a happy plant that reminds me that spring will eventually come, I just need to be patient.


And I know no magazine has granny squares like mine.  All 23 of them.  Not quite enough for a blanket, but we’re getting there.  Slowly. 


Wax paper hearts that I made with the girls catch the light and brighten up the kitchen.



Happy dishes, my dishes.  They are lovely, chips and all.


And if I were looking in a magazine I know I would not find my cute kid’s handprints.  Those are totally unique to us, and a memory of one night spent in the bathroom trying to get a one year old little girl to open her hand big enough to make a print.  We tried about 4 times, drying and repainting the blue over and over to get it.  I’m so glad we did. 


And I can say with 100 percent certainty that no other home has a cow made by my nearly 8 year old Levi.  Yes, I know it has red eyes, but I like her tan spot.


When I’m looking at magazine perfection it’s really easy to feel like what I have doesn’t measure up.  But then I remember that my house isn’t made for photo shoots.  I don’t have a team come in to clean and style the place. 

What I do have is better.  Yes, it’s messy and it’s not perfectly styled.  It’s a pile of stuff on the kitchen table.


Special toys and books left on the couch.


Boots piled by the door.  And don’t even get me started on the laundry and the legos.


It’s books set up as houses, creating a whole new world.


I have three rambunctious kids and one hairy dog and one really handsome husband.  We fill this house and make a wonderful life.  Sometimes I just need to remind myself of that.  It won’t ever be clean (at least for long) and it probably won’t have very much in the way of brand new furniture or accessories.  You know I don’t really want that anyway.  Well, I want the clean part.  What I really want is the reminder to be happy and at peace with what I have; with my own style and look, and my own messes on the floor. 

My house feels happy because of that. 

Do you ever suffer from magazine-itis?  What’s your cure?

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  1. Beautifully written! Yes, I often have the same feeling after looking at magazines and even blogs. The cure? Reading blog posts like yours that help me reflect upon the goodness that life has given me. It's not about being perfect according to other people's standards. Creating a home is about appreciating what you have and defining your own happiness.

  2. i do, too..you are not alone! : ) i also feel really bad when i go to a home improvement store like home depot...i just think of all of the things we need to do at our house..and then i feel depressed! how dumb is that? i love the little glimpse into your home and all your cute stuff...especially those mirrors, love that blue!

  3. what an amazing and oh so true post. I truly enjoyed this one!!

  4. Oh, I know. I know. My favorite furniture is the not so trendy but the classic/traditional with fall colors throughout my house being my favorite. I realize this is not the 'trend' colors or furniture choices but it is mine... it is ours. My heart sinks sometimes when I read the magazines or blogs that push the latest, best... I love what you said and you said it best-"When I’m looking at magazine perfection it’s really easy to feel like what I have doesn’t measure up. But then I remember that my house isn’t made for photo shoots. I don’t have a team come in to clean and style the place.

    What I do have is better."

  5. You spoke to my heart today.

  6. I stumbled across your blog today and this post is a subject that's been on my mind lately. I too start feeling like my house is totally inadequate and needing a makeover if I read too many decor magazines or blogs. However, strange as it may sound, I started reading a blog that is all pictures of interiors from all over the world (http://inspiracionline.blogspot.com/) and I've noticed how often these beautiful interiors have flaws like poorly laid out kitchens or tiny windows or cracked drywall, yet they do the best they can with what they have (often flea market furniture) and it looks great. I've started to appreciate the little vignettes in my own house and stopped looking at all the flaws. If I lived in one of those perfectly styled houses, I'll bet I would have to change things that bugged me after a few days! And while I love the look of white slipcovers, they just would not work in my house! I love not doing extra laundry more!

  7. loved this, it is so easy to be dis-content with what we have or don't have. I find when something is not right in me, with my heart I tend to be more so. It is something I have to practice intentionally, to be content and thankful for what God has provided...and he has provided abundantly.

    Grace and Peace

  8. lovely post! great reminder that we're all surrounded by beauty, sometimes it's a messy beauty...but it's all our own none the less.

  9. Beautifully written! I know I have struggles with "magazine-itis", but I wouldn't trade my family for the perfectly styled home and all the right accessories! Family relationships are so much more important, lasting and fulfilling!
    Stopping by from Blessedlittlenest :)

  10. I feel the same way (far more often than I care to admit)! I linked up with Life Made Lovely today as well, after snapping some pictures around my kitchen, to remind myself how much I love it.

  11. It's too hard with kids to have a house right out of a magazine. I just try to enjoy the clean spots while I can and then appreciate it when it gets messy with little kid projects too.

  12. Love the globes and the dishes.

  13. would you even belive it if i told you that i had the same thought of walking around the house with my camera for the exact same reason!

    we're two blogging brains of a feather, we are! loved your finds!


  14. Yes, I do! My ailment is called magazine cover-itis and I have a hard time not letting that take over, but I'm learning to be content with how things are and what I already have! At the same time, accepting that God gave me an appreciation for beautiful things so it is OK to enjoy them in moderation and balance!


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