Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Coffee on a Tuesday

If we were meeting for coffee today I’d be grateful you were willing to battle the nearly eight inches of fresh snow to get here. 
We’d chat and laugh and feel glad for something hot to warm our cold hands.
I’d tell you that I used to hate Valentine’s day.  But then I had kids and God gave me a new perspective on it.  Now we use the day to bless our kids and feed them too many sweets and love on them.  (of course we made time for romance too, cause we like that sort of thing)
I’d tell about how we hung twinkle lights in the kitchen and made heart shape pancakes for dinner and it was really fun.  After dinner we danced around the living room to old 8o’s ballads.  Then we took the kids to our favorite candy shop for dessert.
I’d share with you how lately I’ve been having a hard time balancing all of life.  Homeschooling and working from home, and personal time, and time with my husband, and running time all collide together leaving me feeling like sometimes I am walking a tightrope.  Without a net.  And then I’d remember that God promised his grace would be sufficient, he even said “as your days, so shall your strength be.” (Deut 33:25)  That’s encouraging to me.  And then I remember, even while we’re chatting that I don’t have to do it all.  There’s some freedom in that, isn’t there? 
And you know I’d be so happy for time sharing life with a friend.  That is a really nice thing. 
Joining Amy of Lucky Number 13 for virtual coffee today


  1. Valentine's Day really is so much fun with the kids. It was never a favorite of mine, but I love how into every holiday, big and small, the kids get!

  2. Thanks for your comment. Your blog is lovely. I'll be back! :)

  3. Your pictures really show how lovely your day was in the simple moments. And 8 inches of snow- ick! However we KNOW all about that here in Michigan. It is quite snowy here. Candy stores are so magical to kids. What a wonderful way to show them some love on Valentines day. And with God on your side, you do have a net. :)

    Thanks for the coffee!

  4. your valentine's day sounds wonderful and i am the same way, it is a fun holiday to celebrate with kids. just an excuse for sweets and treats and a break from the ordinary every day stuff! oh and the candy/soda shop..so much fun! we visited one over the summer and it was so cool, i think i liked it more than the kids though! : ) love this post as i can so relate to all of it, thanks for coffee!

  5. that's my kind of valentine's day!! stopping by from lucky number 13. i host tea on tuesday, too. feel free to join in sometime, too!


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