Monday, February 14, 2011

Happiness and Love and Handmade Valentines

Monday’s we have what we consider homeschool lite.  We don’t really do lessons other than maybe some morning reading and stuff.  We use the day for home ec (housecleaning anyone?) or field trips or other fun things.  And that gives me a chance to get all the weekly necessities out of the way.  Like laundry or paying bills or long runs at the gym on the treadmill. 
(Does anyone else HATE treadmill running?  It was way too windy to be out running this morning, I am grateful for a gym to go sweat in.  But I’d rather sweat on the road without network news droning on and on in the background.) 
Anyway, this morning we decided to make Valentine’s cards for the kids to deliver today.  They worked and worked and colored and colored and stuck things and taped things.  Cayden even dressed her headband for the day.
I love seeing what they come up with.  They’re off now, out and about with Dad to deliver them.  I should be working right now….ahem.  The hazards of working from home is that all those distractions of home are still there.  Ahhh, I’ll get right to that work as soon I’m done here.  Promise.
Valentine’s day has always been about the whole family for us.  We do this because yesterday was Zac’s birthday.  We make the day all about him.  The kids decorated and made a banner.
And for the man who loves chocolate cake almost as much as he loves his wife, I made a cake.  What love and adoration he has for chocolate fudge cake with raspberry filling and chocolate buttercream. 
And we also love to get him little gifts to make him smile.  (Thanks Heather, for the idea!)
That’s love for us.  Tonight we’ll make a special dinner for the kids and take them out to our favorite candy store for a treat (thanks Mom and Dad!).  And all the while we remind them that God gave his love so that we can share love with others. 
Hope you’re all having an awesome Valentine’s!
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  1. Oh yes, me. I hate treadmill running. Either you love it or hate it!!
    Happy Valentine's day to you and your family. We make it all about the love for the whole family as well. :)


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