Saturday, February 19, 2011

Snowerday, I mean Saturday


It’s snowing, again.  It’s that cold, tiny, icy snowflake kind of snow.  It’s windy too.  It makes me want to bake something, except that we have no flour or eggs.  I think I’m going to have to break down and grocery shop one of these days.  Why is that so hard to do sometimes?

But I did get to do some fun shopping yesterday.  Zac dropped me off at my favorite place.  Alone.  He gave me a budget and then drove away.  It was like Christmas morning.  Except I knew what I was getting.  I filled this bag with new running gear and few yoga things. 


Then he dropped me off at the shoe store.  I got new kicks.  They look great with my new pants.  I am one happy girl.  I did go over budget.  But he’s says I’m worth it.  And since I do this like never he said it’s okay.  I love him. 


I’ll try out the new stuff today, even though it’s snowing and nasty.  I’ll drive to the trail and take the dog and we’ll go.  Or at least we’ll try.  We might not last very long.  But that’s okay.


Then one little gal gets to get a haircut.  Unfortunately she got some gum in her hair.  She thinks she wants a bob.  We’ll see.  All I want is gum free. 


So I’m totally babbling, but that’s the day.  What are you up to this weekend?


  1. yay for getting to go shopping without company. :)
    i love that butterfly art. soooo cute!

  2. we finally have beautiful weather in the 60's and we are headed to my parent's cabin for the night. hanging out with cousins and making pizza.
    what a sweet husband, hope you have a great weekend!


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