Monday, February 28, 2011

a weekend

A weekend can be so long and yet so short.  We had a youth winter retreat this weekend and I can honestly say it was an awesome (but exhausting) time. 

A lot of life was crammed into this weekend:

Friday included housework, schoolwork, and getting ready for a house full of teenage boys to spend the night.  It was a late night watching movies with some awesome kids and then enjoying some classic girl time, including some spa pampering.  Being married to a youth pastor sure makes life fun, especially on weekends like this.

Saturday started with breakfast for a lots of boys at our house (the girls stayed overnight somewhere else).  Then we met up for a trip up the mountain to tube the afternoon away.  So fun.  We finished the day with a great service, and awesome worship time.  Bottom line was it was fun, yet exhausting.  We got home to a child free house Saturday night and absolutely crashed. 

Sunday found me on the trail running instead of at church, and sleeping in instead of helping to get three kids out the door for church.  That was really nice.  The kids came home and we decided a family movie afternoon was the best idea ever.  Zac and I slept through the whole movie.  And then we were in bed, asleep by 9:30.  Aren’t we living the wild life!

If anything, this weekend is evidence to us that we still love youth ministry and honestly couldn’t see ourselves doing anything else.  This weekend is also evidence that we must be getting older.  A one night event hasn’t always had that affect on us.  But that’s okay.  I loved it, I love those kids, and I love being married to a man who makes this journey of ministry fun. 


Moving on, can you believe it’s almost March?  And that spring is right around the corner?  That makes me really happy.  I love the snow, I really do.  But part of its appeal is that it’s temporary.  I know it will start warming up soon.  At least I’m hoping it will.  And it’s almost time to start planning for the garden.  That is a lovely thought.

And that makes me want some color in my house, I’ve got some plans this week for simple things that might brighten my house.  Don’t know if I’ll get to them or not, but they’re in my brain at least.

Here’s some fun ideas with color. 




I love the pillows on this one, aren’t they fun?  I think that’s my favorite, what a happy mix of colors.

What about you?  Did you have a great weekend, are you ready for spring, do you crave color like I do? 

OK, I know that’s a lot of questions, I guess I’m chatty this Monday morning.  Hope you have a great new day and a great new week.


  1. i really, really love that blue wallpaper in the background.

    and yes...i am SOOOO ready for spring. i'm moving into a home with all white walls. clean slates are scary, yet, many possibilities.

    thanks for the pictures.

  2. My husband and I were youth interns in college. I don't think I would have enough energy to do it now! : ) I love the color inspiration.

  3. I love the photos you shared here in your post. I love the combination of colors. They add vibrant into the house. I'm surely getting ideas with regards to re-decorating my house in these pictures. Thanks a million.:-)


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