Monday, March 14, 2011

40 Bags, 40 Days {the condensed version}

I’ve been totally intrigued with this 40 bags, 40 days thing. It’s something I’ve seen done for Lent. We don’t typically celebrate Lent, but we do enter Easter season a bit more purposeful in our spiritual studies and discipline-simply because of the seriousness that Easter brings. It’s not just eggs and chocolate for us.
But I saw the 40 bags purge idea over at Clover Lane and loved it. I love the idea of simplifying and purging out what you don’t need, and having a deadline and list in hand to get it done really appeals to me. Because, honestly, if someone’s not telling me to clean out my closets you can sure as bet that I won’t be cleaning them out for fun.
The only issue for me was that devoting forty days to this kind of project seems downright impossible. In my real life I homeschool three kids, that in itself is like a job outside the home. I can’t focus on any other things around the house and teach them effectively at the same time. So that means that housework and things get shifted to the afternoon once our lessons are done. With lunch and dinner time thrown in there, I usually don’t have much extra time for anything else.
So I came up with a condensed version that works for our home and still lets me target those nasty areas that tend to accumulate junk. I call it my “lots and lots of bags in just 12 days plan.” Catchy huh? What I really did was make a list of the areas that I knew needed my attention, the kids bedrooms and my closet being on the top of the list. I ended up with twelve areas. Then I took my calendar, and my schooling schedule, and my out of town twice between now and Easter schedule and plotted it all out. I’ve got one area for each day. And some areas I’ve allotted a few days, because I realize that I lead a busy life and can’t deep clean and purge all the time. Not that I really want to anyway……
So I’m excited to get started today. A cleaner and simplified house is just lovely to me!
Sharing with Heather at Blessed Little Nest.


  1. what a great idea! I'm organizing the closets and cupboards over here and just getting all that junk out and having things not fall on my head anymore when I open doors is an a-mazing feeling. Yay for Easter and it being SO MUCH MORE than chocolate and eggs. He is Risen! He is risen, indeed :)

  2. oh how interesting this looks! I must, yes must go check out your link and learn more about this. I have so much cleaning I could do but, life seems to get in the way...LOL
    thanks for this awesome, awesome post. maybe I will at least get some ideas!

    make this monday lovely my friend. you are LOVED!

  3. this is great!
    i am doing the 40 bags..., but i am not a homeschool mom (even though i, myself, was homeschooled, so i have a special support for's great!
    but i am loving your ability to fit this good idea into your real life.
    that is flexible and inspiring....isn't that some kinda homeschooling motto?
    if not, it should be...add it to the manual for me :)
    great job! and thanks for sharing!

  4. Awesome, Gina! Cleaner and simpler is HUGE!! I'm gettin' some bags! xoxo, Jen

  5. i don't think i'll get to 40 bags, but i'm on a clutter clearing (and *containerizing*) mission too. :)

    best wishes to you!


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