Wednesday, March 23, 2011


The later day light hours of the day have left us all feeling like we’ve got a bit more free time right now, and we’re loving it. That let me sit and be after dinner while the girls played dress up. I let them have their fun and didn’t worry one bit about the mess. That’s usually hard for me, but I let it roll last night. I think that was key to us having a lovely, relaxing evening.
So I’m grateful for some hooking time while Zac folded laundry (look at me ignoring those messes!)
grateful for yummy carrot bread and book time with the kids
grateful for a husband who is not afraid to tackle the job of styling little girl’s hair (the Dyson is a great styling tool by the way)
grateful for a completed project
and of course, grateful for cookies
And it’s spring break, even though it snowed this morning. I’m sure spring will show up sooner or later, I just hope she makes her arrival before it’s summer. And right now we’re trying to get out of town, unfortunately the van is in the repair shop having a tire fixed. They may or may not be done today. We may or not be leaving tomorrow as planned.
Here’s to flexibility and flying by the seat of our pants!
Hope you’re all having a great week!


  1. lovely pix of life happening. my husband isn't afraid to tackle fixing our girls' hair either. he has never used the dyson on them, BUT i have used the dyson on my son... to clean excess hair off of him after a hair cut. so much better than a flo-be.

  2. that hoop art looks great! yay for a hubby who will do girls hair :)

  3. Thank you for commenting on my blog! I Hope you have a wonderful weekend with your family. Please visit me anytime.

  4. I love that picture of your husband doing her hair!... adorable... speaking of adorable... you hoop are it awesome! ;-)


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