Sunday, March 27, 2011

a happy weekend

we got out of town.  yippie!

we sat in a snowstorm along the way.  but we didn’t have to chain up. 

even better, we made it to my parent’s.  double yippie! 

(I love this brother of mine)

we celebrated Levi’s eighth birthday, surrounded by family.


we took advantage of a break in the stormy weather for a photo shoot.

it was fun.

we are tired and have a long drive home tomorrow.

then it’s back to real life. (and I have to have an mri on tuesday…I’m nervous-45 minutes in a tube, how on earth am I going to do it?  I’m hoping for sleep, that should help right?)

the end.

hope you all had a happy weekend too!


  1. if your kids are anything like mine i bet they loved the snow!

    an mri... no fun. i had an mri last summer. the mri was done in a truck trailer (that is transports the mri machine back and forth to different facilities). freaky!
    sleep would be good.
    or do like i did, sing (to yourself of course) and pray.

    btw- in case you have never had one it is loud. lots of knocking, but very safe.

    May God give you an abundance of peace.


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