Saturday, March 5, 2011

what Saturdays are for

Saturdays are for long runs, alone.
Saturdays are for fort building.
Saturdays are for cereal at the counter, in your jammies at one in the afternoon.
Saturdays are for family adventures. 
(Okay, now don’t go filling up my inbox with emails about how we’re ruining our children or indoctrinating them or creating crazy people by exposing them to the proper use of firearms.  This happens to be a family activity that we all enjoy, that we can all do together.  We teach them safety and proper usage, and expect them to act with maturity and responsibility.  If they don’t then they don’t go out.  We have a this great place that we can go to anytime, on private land owned by a friend.  This happens to be ten minutes out from home.  Every one is safe, every one has fun.  The end.  Back to Saturdays.)
Saturdays are for baking cakes.
Also, this Saturday was for looking through an old cookbook and being amazed when I found a recipe for pork cake.  Really, pork cake.  The ingredients listed there include one pound of ground pork, that has to sit in boiled water for a bit.  Then you mix it with the rest of the cake stuff, including raisins.  I will not be baking this next Saturday, or any other Saturday for that matter.  Unless it’s on a dare.  Well, no-not even then.  Can imagine how weird that must taste?
Saturdays are for letting your hair do whatever it wants.  Scary but true.  Also, it appears that Saturdays are for no makeup.  That’s okay too.
Saturdays are for pretending you’re a bride.
Saturdays are for cake eating.
Saturdays are for granny squares.
And unfortunately, around here Saturdays are not for sleeping in.  Thankfully, Sundays are for afternoon naps.  And that is something that I’m looking forward to. 
Saturdays are good, hope you’ve had a great weekend so far!

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  1. i like the looks of your saturday! we had a pretty great weekend (well, aside from me needing to get myself to urgent care to treat an ear infection - yes, i'm 32 years old, and i still get ear infections if i have a cold for too long - ech!)

    i think what has made this weekend great is the improved attitude of our toddler - i think he's finally getting out of the 'terrible' stage...he was SO pleasant - and i am SO thankful. :)


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