Wednesday, March 16, 2011

why we homeschool, reason number 85

To give my children the opportunity of a long childhood.  We all know that kids are growing up so fast days, as youth pastors we see it.  We live it.  We mourn for the early loss of innocence, we cry over hard grown up lessons that kids have to learn way too early.  We see how society is pushing little boys and girls into something God did not intend for them.  We know he has a better way.  For us that better way is homeschooling.  You might say that I’m choosing to insulate my kids, that I’m sheltering them too much.  And yes, you might be right.  But I’ll say, if I don’t shelter and protect them, who will?  Isn’t that my job as a parent?  I want them to stay young and carefree as long as possible.  Because I don’t want my daughters to be seventh grade girls talking about who’s hooking up with who and where they’re doing it.  I want my daughters to be oblivious to boys and the trouble they can cause, at least until they are mature enough to handle it.  I want my son to be away from the above mentioned types of girls.  I want him to not notice how quickly girls are developing these days (too many hormones in our food anyone?)
We homeschool because we believe that it’s our duty and privilege as parents to protect our kids as long as possible, while preparing them for the harsh realities of life. We want them to grow in a way that’s undistracted from all the junk that is around us.  We want to be the ones who mold them into responsible grown ups: not the school system, not the state, not their teachers, not their peers.  As we teach and lead them we feel like we are giving them the chance to have a longer childhood, more carefree, less trouble. 
And that’s just one of the reasons.
And for the record, I love being home with my kids this way.  Even on the days that are hard, I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.  Well, some days I would-but not for too long.


  1. Yes! I absolutely understand and agree! I look at our boys as they still pretend to cook and play trains and my heart almost leaps out of my chest! I love these days with them as well. Loved reading this!

  2. i do not homeschool-although i would never rule it out-but totally agree with you here on everything. it's so sad that kids are growing up wayyyy to fast. my oldest is in kindergarten and he is coming home taling about cell phones..what?!!! i mean...what!? i hope we can drag out these carefree days of our children's childhood as long as possible, too. great post!

  3. Well said! Our oldest is just in kindergarten, but I love seeing her at home with us.


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