Monday, April 18, 2011

Cultivating Quiet

Why does Easter always seem to come at the most busy time of the year?  Come to think of it, so does Christmas.  Interesting, isn’t it?  The most important dates on the calendar for a Christ follower are also the most crazy busy.

I realized with a startled gasp the other day that Easter is next week.  And the first thing I thought of was getting dresses for the girls, a little tie for the young man and basket fillers for all three.  Then I thought of the busy, busy week we’ve had, and spring sports and tons of other obligations that seem to pop up unexpectedly.  And after all that crossed my mind I noticed a little tap on my shoulder, not literally but in my spirit.  It was as if God was saying; quietly and patiently, that there is something more.

There is always something more, and shame on me for forgetting the most important thing about Easter.  It’s not about dresses and baskets and all that other stuff.  It’s about Christ’s victory over the grave; the implications of that are never lost on me, but sometimes they are forgotten.  They get shuffled around in the busy day to day life I lead.  In this life there is a constant battle for my attention, on one side I’ve got the most important thing:  God himself and all that he has done for me, and all that he has in store for me.  And on the other side is everything that is opposed to God, an enemy who wants to derail me and pull me away from God’s best, an enemy who wants to distract me with busy and with noise so that I forget to focus on the most important thing.

It seems that sometimes this battle is intense, but there are other times when it’s much more subtle and I think that’s where the enemy likes to find us.  Feeling like there is no battle at, nothing to fight for.  But there is a battle; friends, there is something grand and large and life changing that God wants to do in us.  Today.  Right now.  And when were distracted by busy and to-dos we can’t see what God is doing.

This Easter week I really want to be intentional on focusing on God’s life changing victory over death, I want to be aware of the rhythms of God working in me, I want to be watchful and quiet so that I can see what he is doing.  It takes discipline to turn away from the noise of our society and focus on the quietness of God’s presence.  But it’s worth it, so very worth it.  Cultivating quiet is my goal, not merely the absence of noise but a quiet that waits for God to step in and reveal himself.

In the quiet I know I will find him.

This is what the Sovereign Lord, the Holy One of Israel says… quietness and trust is your strength. (Isaiah 30:15)

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  1. Gorgeous. I love it. I could print the entire last full paragraph and read it daily. I'm so glad you entered the giveaway at ayesplace so i could link to you and find this. Great words. Thanks so much.
    Quiet Blessings to this Holiday.


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