Friday, May 20, 2011

Beauty on a Friday

Today was one of those days, a good kind of day.  Glorious spring and warm weather have finally arrived.  We cancelled school in honor of the beauty of it all.
So we did our chores and washed up the linens.
I bribed the kids into a little photo shoot.  And realized I’m so grateful for an 8 year old boy who can catch a shot like this.
We took full advantage of our new clothesline. 
And I’ll be falling into bed on line dried sheets very soon.  I can’t wait.
The kids used those silly straws, tonight it was for a special drink and sandwiches while we watched the Cosby’s on netflix.  I love that show, love it. 
Ice cream cones rounded out the night and caused everyone to agree that it was indeed a beautiful day.
Sometimes we look for beauty in the grand things of life; mountain vistas, roaring oceans, new born babies.  Sometimes we forget that beauty can be found right where are, if we stop long enough to notice it.
What beauty did you notice today?


  1. gina, i have pix of clothes on my clothes line from this week, silly straw stories, and guess who is watching the cosby show on netflix right now!?!

    great minds think alike. :-)

    btw- i heart claire huxtable... this mother appreciates her.

  2. I have such good memories associated with The Cosby Show.

  3. Tell that boy he has a true photographer's eye, like his mom!


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