Thursday, May 5, 2011

the happenings

these are the crazy straws that I grabbed for the kids at the check stand.  they were absolutely thrilled and I was reminded that saying yes to a dollar purchase is really important.  I don’t know why my first instinct is to always say no.  I need to change that.
this is the little pillow that I found the other day.
this is the little girl and her cool outfit, so cute that I wanted to parade her around town and visit all the little downtown shops.  can you blame me?
this is the pile of granny squares that I have made, all 40 of them.  I have a long way to go.
this is me after a wonderful, gloriously warm afternoon run yesterday.  and you can’t see them, but my pink shoulders are the reminder that it’s sunscreen season.  this is also the longest my hair has been in years, I think I like it but I’m anxious to get it past the stage it’s in now-messy at the back of my neck all the time.
these are mini figures that I find standing around here and there.  my son told me last night that they were not for playing with, just for looking at.  okay-aren’t they toys?
these are the babies that regularly take naps on the couch and require my assistance for about 15 wardrobe changes a day.
this is one of the new pots I got, a whole brand new set.  after 11 years using the old set I think we might have been a bit overdue.  I love them.
and these are the pet shops that litter the floor, they seem to multiply overnight.
this is the boy who has a jar full of crickets, thankfully those do not multiply at night.
this is a dad who has sat attentively with the boy at every soccer game this season.  they watch and chat and bond and I am so very grateful for a husband who is also a hands on dad.
this is my life right now and I love it.


  1. i need to say yes more often. sometimes i am too frugal.

    your hair is cute! if there were a pic of me after a run (if i ran) it would be of me lying on the ground passed out.

    back to hair...i am currently letting my hair grow for a summer trip that will be better enjoyed if i'm not dealing with short-always-must-be-fixed hair, but as soon as i get back i'm having it whacked off!

    having dad's who are hands on is the most wonderful gift. i too am so grateful for my hands on husband.

  2. beautiful.
    and I can totally relate to the legos.
    and especially to the loving life.

  3. guess what i bought yesterday...
    silly straws for $1. my kids think i'm the coolest.

    and i explained your post to my husband, and that these straws are for me to remember to be generous to my children.

    thanks gina.


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