Monday, May 23, 2011

hello family day

Hello little newborn calf.  You are so tiny and cute!  The girls wanted to get out, climb the fence, and pet you.  But then we saw how big your mama is and we advised them against that.
Hello favorite candy store and three kids with money burning holes in their pockets.  We were there for  a long time while they decided what to buy.  A really long time.  I guess that’s where that phrase came from.
Hello walk in the park. 
Hello laughing family.  I don’t know what they were laughing at, but I love this picture so.
Hello happy us. 
Check out the uncropped version, hello whiney kiddo.
Hello beautiful home for sale on Mirror Pond.   
And hello dinner time and three cases of the whinies.  Really.  After we bought them candy.  After we played at the park.  Ugh.
But, thankfully all it takes to cure the whinies is the sight of the camera.  Hilarity ensued and peace was restored.
2011 05 221
And there you have it, proof that even when we try really hard to make things fun for our kids they are still very likely to whine or be ungrateful.  Our job as parents are to steer them to a better place, help them shift their perspective and remind them of how much they really have.  Because they have a really good life.
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  1. i love these photos!! you and your family are so beautiful! and that house. i want to move there, like yesterday. have fun rationing those giant pixie sticks! :)

  2. These are great! I love the "cropped" and "un-cropped" pic. That made me laugh out loud ;)

  3. all the pix are great... so very life!

    whining is inevitable (usually from me), but we must create moments of laughter together, then grab hold of them together, and hang on to them... together.

  4. awesome photos-y'all are so cute! LOVE the "uncropped" photo:):)


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