Monday, May 2, 2011

sun yellow, you’re my new favorite

Even though it’s been spring for a while now, the weather in these parts has been telling us otherwise.  I never realized that the region we live in really only has two seasons, winter and summer.  This is something I did not know until I moved here, thankfully I like it here anyway and plan on staying a long, long time.
But…what I’m really trying to say is that we finally have had some spring like weather sandwiched between snowy/rainy/windy days. 
Wednesday was one of those recent warmish days, so I decided to bust out the Krylon and get to work.
I took a bunch of frames and covered them all in wonderfully, cheery, Sun Yellow.  I must say I love the results.
I had few of these frames in our little guest bath downstairs, they were black and kind of blah.
(Does anyone else find it funny to call this little room a “bathroom” even though there is clearly no bath in it?  How about powder room?  I guess that sounds better than toilet room, right?)
Anyway, this what it looked like before, in a tiny little room that is incredibly difficult to photograph.  I have to say that Sun Yellow really livens things up, dontcha think?


  1. Yes it does liven that space up! A very cheery color for that powder room!
    (I also love the yellow against that blue-)

  2. love yellow on that dark wall... so cute.

  3. Love the color combo of the frames and wall. It really makes the frames pop.

  4. Those look fab! love the color. I'm pretty sure your "about me" is the best I've ever read ;)

  5. wow that looks so good! i love the yellow. :)

  6. i reallly need to give my tiny power room a one over too!
    this is inspiring!
    i really want to go potty in there!

  7. The sun yellow really pops out!
    It looks so fun, whimsical, and classy -I'm lovin it!

  8. Great idea, the frames look great, especially against the wall color. Cheap fixes can give the best results!

  9. Love it! That sun yellow is the perfect color on that wall. Great job!

  10. I love it! I just made an open frame collage in my bedroom and have been debating painting them all the same color. Yours looks great!

  11. yellow, you make me happy.

  12. I am in love! Yellow is my favorite!!


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