Friday, June 10, 2011

around here

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toy rotation rocks, we pulled these out of the shed on Monday and they have played (quietly) with them every day ever since. I've actually read almost two books this week, almost done with the second harry potter.

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the view from the hammock, book in hand and laundry on the line with an iced coffee next to me. so good, it is so good.

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warm weather = cute girl in romper

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morning coffee and quiet time, just me and Jesus and a blanket to ward off the chill

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this friend usually joins me, or at least stops by to say hi

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swinging with my girl inside the hammock (can you guess that we've had lots of hammock time these days? the nice weather makes it a daily necessity)

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and at the end of the day we always have a nice sleepy dog. he's a good boy and a faithful running partner. even if he isn't very bright sometimes.

that is life around here these days. we are loving the fact that it's summer and the weather is actually starting to cooperate. we are loving that my parents will be here next week to visit. we are loving that tonight is date night. it is all good over here, and we are so grateful.

so, what's happening in your neck of the woods? any fun plans this weekend?


  1. Gina! This is a fun post, I always enjoy yours. That name book is one I remember having once, so cool you're reading it. Also, when you do get a chance to finish reading HP I'd be interested to get your review. I've made it through half of the fourth one & just got busy. Weekend plans: tonight I'm babysitting a cute little girl and we have lots of graduation receptions to go to! Hope you have a very blessed weekend.

  2. sounds amazing right now! i think that pic of you two in the hammock is priceless. love your doggies and envious of that morning quiet time spot. and the morning quiet time, period :) working on that one...

  3. you've read almost 2 books! that is fabulous.

    today was our last day of school... phew!

    we had a busy week, so weekend plans will include saturday morning breakfast (made always by my husband), clothes on our clothes line, and creating a summer fun list.


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