Tuesday, June 28, 2011

embracing plan b (and snowiest summer pictures you’ve ever seen)

Yesterday we set out for adventure. 
We were looking for a hike in the warm summer sun.
Lunch was packed, the van was loaded and off we went.
We were excited to hike at a new spot.
And then we were surprised.  We hadn’t factored in our extra cold winter and this year’s high snow pack.
As we pulled off the highway we immediately decided we needed a new plan.
We couldn’t get to the lake, we couldn’t even get down the road.  And since we didn’t pack our snowshoes we knew we wouldn’t be hiking.
What else is there to do other than roll with it?  We had the snowiest picnic we’ve ever had, but also very fun.  The kids played in the snow, threw some snowballs and nearly fell in the water a few times.
The dog ran and eventually (and pretty quickly) our toes got cold.
After all of about 45 minutes we were ready to head out.  But we weren’t ready to go home so we headed downtown and visited all of our favorite shops.
The day turned completely different than we had planned, but it was lovely anyway.  We had a great time. 
It wasn’t wonderful because of the unexpected, it was wonderful in spite of the unexpected.  It was a fun day because our attitudes were good, we were flexible and okay with whatever the day brought us. 
It’s kind of like life, isn’t it?  Sometimes we get thrown a curveball and things upset our plans.  We never planned on the shock of an unexpected pregnancy.  We didn’t plan my husband’s job loss, or my mom’s cancer diagnosis or any of the other unexpected things in life.  Our unexpected yesterday is nothing compared to those things, but the lesson is pretty much the same.  When the unexpected comes into our lives we need to be flexible, we need to learn to embrace plan b.  Even when it looks nothing like what we thought we wanted.  God always has some sort of plan, he longs to take our lives and bring good to us in the midst of the unexpected.  I won’t even begin to pretend I understand his ways, but I do know that they are good.  They are good if I choose to allow him to work in the midst of my unexpected, if I choose to embrace plan b. 
I usually balk at the unexpected, fit throwing is my normal setting when things don’t go according to my plan.  But I’ve realized something, when I’m busy throwing fits I’m missing God’s best to me in spite of my situation.  He wants to work good in my situations, if I’m not looking it for it I will definitely miss it.
He knows us far better than we know ourselves……and keeps us present before God. That's why we can be so sure that every detail in our lives of love for God is worked into something good. (Romans 8:28, The Message)


  1. ahhh, i needed to read this post. i've not been doing a good job of rolling with it and this was a perfect remind of the joys that come with it. let go and let God. that's what i need to remember.

    p.s. those pictures are awesome! tank tops and snow. too funny :)

  2. yes! so cute. missed you lately! can't believe all that snow!!!! and i love your example to embrace the plan b. thanks.

  3. "It wasn’t wonderful because of the unexpected, it was wonderful in spite of the unexpected." yes, the story of my life too.

    i too need to be less fit throwy with plan b. plan a has NEVER been in the plans...frankly it's usually plan q,r,s, or t.

    i needed this reminder right now as we are waiting (aghhh, waiting) for Him to reveal His plan for us.


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