Monday, June 6, 2011

Nachooooo! (night)

How do you turn a normal Sunday evening into something extra special?  How do you make standard family movie night spectacular?
All you need is a little bit of Jack, Jack Black that is.  (no, I’m not going all Jack Daniel’s on you)
We had some spur of the moment craziness over here this weekend.  A small discussion about what to have for dinner led us to Nacho.
As in Nacho Libre. 
A giant plate of nachos, corn on a stick and sparkling orange/lemon aide, and we couldn’t forget Jack.  As in Nacho, or Ignacio.  They kids love this movie, and honestly we do too.
“Get that corn out of my face!”

“People don’t think I know a buttload of crap about the gospel…but I do.”
And of course, we have to sing at the party.
It was a positively lovely time.
Lots more lovely over at Life Made Lovely today….I’m gonna refill my coffee and read all about it for a bit.  Hope you all have a super Monday!  (It’s summer break over here!!!! I think I’m more excited than the kids!)


  1. i LOVE that movie. that is such a fun idea to turn it into a family night. lovely!!!

  2. I think I'm more excited for summer break too!! Those look yummy ;)

  3. we LOVE that movie.never thought to make nachos & watch it! every time we watch it we get stuck saying "i want to whiiin" for days!

  4. I Love family movie nights... I absolutley love that you had a theme going on. Those nachos By the way... Look amazing. ( I think I may be drooling) yum.

  5. wait that is AWESOME. i'm copying you. i've never seen the movie, but my husband has. AND my friend went to mexico and bought my son and her son matching masked wrestling capes! they are so hilarious and my son loves his. plus who doesn't love nachos for dinner. great for summertime.

  6. I had just gotten the "singing at the party" song out of my head when I read this post! Thanks so much! My kids love the movie, and it always cracks me up to hear my 4 year old son say, "But I do!" in his best Ignacio accent. Better get back to my good life and my collection of Russian nesting dolls.

  7. I love this movie!! Everyone in my family quotes it. constantly. ;) I love how you made it a themed night! ;)

  8. ha, glad I am not the only one who loves nacho libre with the fam!

  9. i heart nachos...but i won't share them.

    nacho libre is hilarious. i think i need to let my kids see it. i think they will need nachos and corn on the cob when they watch it (and silly straws).

    i think they will walk around saying they "know a butt-load of crap about the gospel" after they watch it... and i will think they are funny.


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