Thursday, June 23, 2011

recital recap

the recital was awesome….of course, I’m a proud mom.
they were so excited….so were their parents and grandparents.  their brother, not so much.  his words to me on the way out the door were, “I’m only going to look at the ceiling, mom.”  okay son, just pretend to enjoy it.  DSC_0038_Aida_Backstage
part way through the performance all the girls lost their place, it wasn’t their fault-two other girls weren’t there.  but my girls stepped up, they helped everyone get to their places and keep on dancing.  they were the cutest, waving their little friends up to their places.  and proud?  we couldn’t have been prouder over that.  it’s a good thing this mom had kleenex. 
I wanted to stand up and cheer when they took their bows.  I restrained myself, for the sake of my son.  it was good, really good.  they are already excited and geared up for next year.  I’m telling them to put on the brakes and enjoy summer.
and that’s just what we’ve been doing, enjoying summer.  being lazy, going on hikes, playing outside, taking the kids on long bike rides…summer is my favorite.  it makes everyone happy.  at least at this house!
speaking of summer fun, we are off to have dinner outside by the river at a lovely little pizza place.  yum.
happy thursday friends, and happy summer.

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  1. they are adorable.

    but you "restrained yourself because of your son"... your son is a lucky boy. my son is not so fortunate. ah, well he will have vivid stories to tell his counselor when he is in therapy.

    summer is my favorite too.


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