Thursday, June 2, 2011

summer list

What I love about homeschooling so much is that we can declare it summer vacation when we’re done, not when the calendar says we need to be done.
Tuesday I declared the official start of summer vacation.  Cue the hallelujah chorus!
summer list
I took the kids out to our local, wonderful, yummy coffee house and over hot chocolate and coffee (for me of course) we made our summer list.  I had each one of them write down things they wanted to do over the summer, and I added a few things too.
I think what I love about this so much is that each of them picked activities that so perfectly fit their personalities.  Our boy wants to play the Wii, of course-that’s what boys like to do.  Our constant planner and social director has planned a trip to visit Mimi and Grampie in Cali.  (Catch that Mom?  They’re getting ready!!!)  And the always optimistic girl wants to look for pictures in the clouds and watch the sunrise.  She seems to enjoy the finer things in life. 
We also made a weekly schedule so the kids kind of know what to expect each day, and keep some structure in our house-which I’ve learned makes three kids and one mom much more at peace and happy.  Mondays are adventure days since Zac typically doesn’t work those days.  Tuesdays are lesson days;  although we’re done with school, we’re really not and need to finish up our math and history books.  Wednesdays are for library trips, Thursdays are for crafts, and Fridays are for chores.  The kids know that the schedule is subject to change and it’s flexible.  I can imagine that some days the lake will be calling our names (if the weather ever warms up!)
And that’s summer.
And we can’t wait.
Do you make a summer list?


  1. we'll be starting our list soon. our 6 yr old LOVES to plan, yup, the apple didn't fall far from this ol' tree for sure! ;)

    i like your idea of having certain days dedicated to particular events - good think'n!


  2. I love your summer list and how you had the kids write the stuff in. It makes it so much more personal to them.

  3. Got it! Tell Cayden we will plan it when we get there. Can't wait.


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