Wednesday, June 29, 2011

vintage goodies

I have a thing for vintage quilts.  They are always the first thing I look for in antique stores, but usually the last thing I come home with.  But on our recent misadventure I found this beauty at a little corner antique store.  I grabbed it up and walked around with it.  My husband rolled his eyes.  I imagined it in every room of the house.  And then I remembered I had birthday money. 
Hello blankie, you’re coming home with me.
Don’t you love the colors?  I find myself wondering what the story behind this beauty is.  It looks like it was made for me and my home a long, long time ago.
It gets along nicely with the quilt that I received from Zac’s aunt last summer.
And it looks wonderful on my couch, or my bed, or hanging on the clothesline. 
And let’s keep rolling with the vintage vibe here, I got a new to me breadbox from a friend for my birthday.  She knows me well, she also gave me a little apron too.
And yes, that bowl is empty.  I needed a prop.  The necklace isn’t vintage anything but was made for me by another friend for my birthday.  I gotta say that this was a good birthday I just had. 
Now, I think I’m off to wear my apron and bake something to stick in that breadbox.
Have you found any vintage goodies lately?


  1. i LOVE that quilt. love the turquoise and orange together. what a great find. my most recent find was kind of dumb but i knew my kids would love them...remember those character glasses you could get at mcdonalds in the 70's and 80's? well, i got a couple...snoopy and looney tunes. they were ecstatic. i'm certain we had the snoopy ones when we were kids.

  2. Les...I see those glasses ALL.THE.TIME at thrift stores around here. I lvoe them too.
    And Gina...the quilt is lovely and Im totally digging that apron(& the fact that you set up props to show it to us:))

  3. FUN! I found some vintage aqua BALL jars while rummage sale-ing a few weeks ago. love 'em!

    I linked to one of your posts on my organizing blog article of the week this week! Come see:


  4. so pretty. i love remembered birthday $. i hang on to mine for a while and hold out for something spectacular.

    love the prop, and the apron. i have a collection of vintage aprons i received from my grandmother-in-law.

    i collect family heirlooms. i didn't grow up with a sense of belonging, and now i love things that belong to our family that has gone before us.


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