Sunday, July 3, 2011

happy fourth (and a clean house tour)

yes, I know clean homes are not a fourth of July tradition. but it is clean today and since my house usually stays clean for all of about five minutes I thought I’d take some pictures to mark the occasion.
so come on in…….
we are a bit decked out in preparation for tomorrow and a bike parade/birthday party bash at our house….
this is the main (as in only) room downstairs. when you walk in you’re looking straight at the room, not from the stairs like I was. yes, that’s a mohawk. yes, I was surprised. but it’s summer, it’s all okay.
looking from the family/living/main room into the dinning area….
here’s a little close up of the table. the tinker toy container is a vintage treasure from Zac’s dad. the quilt on the table was Levi’s crib bedding. I just can’t bear to part with it.
the view into the kitchen from the table…
and the kitchen…I painted the cabs a few summers ago, it is by far my most favorite thing I’ve done to this house.
the opposite side, and the one that really gets used. we took the doors off the cabinets to make it easier for little kiddos to unload the dishwasher and for guests to be able to find and help themselves to any dishes they need. the basket holds coffee items.
and swinging back around, the view from the coffee maker.
and here’s the ugly…weight bench. but having it right there is effective for me to actually use it, plus it’s handy (although very ugly) extra seating when we have guests over.
and my happy gallery wall, and my favorite snoozing dog.
globes, love them…and always looking for more (even though I have no idea where I’d put them).
and that’s the tour folks. you’ll notice that this is only a downstairs tour. if you dare to come up the stairs you’ll be greeted by unmade beds, stinky laundry and a small toothpaste explosion in the kids bathroom. but I’m guessing that just might be something you’ve seen already at your house (right, I can’t be the only one?)
have a happy (and safe) fourth friends. we’ll begin our day on the parade route with our church’s float, waving and passing out candy and end it watching things explode in the front yard. and in the midst of it all we’ll pause and be grateful for the freedoms we have and the men and women who fought for them.
yay America!
a clean house and a holiday weekend sure make for a lot of lovely....I'm linking up with Heather's Life Made Lovely today.


  1. your home looks inviting, cozy, with touches of whimsey! love it.
    your kitchen is GREAT! i need inspiration as we are looking at homes and they are lacking in appeal... appeal that we will likely have to add.

    btw- great minds think alike i am totally planning a house tour this coming week {and my s.i.l., lindsey from the pleated poppy, has been posting a house tour this last week so i thought why not join in).

    and yes, there is toothpaste squirting out of tubes. always toothpaste.

  2. Ditto yay to America!!! I like your cabinets. Very pretty color. I see you like milk glass too. Nice hobnail bowl.

  3. your home is beautiful. i love your kitchen

  4. using the tinker toy container for flowers is genius! it is just perfect.


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