Wednesday, July 13, 2011

how to get four hours of quiet, without sending the kids away

1. let your kids stay up way too late on a summer night so that they’re grumpy and cranky the next morning
2. watch in dismay as your husband gets ready to leave for a long day of work
3. start panicking because you have no idea how to keep these cranky natives from mutiny and a hostile takeover
4. marry the smartest man ever (well, that actually happened first but you get the idea).  the smartest man ever makes the smartest suggestion ever…..
5. take cranky natives to the library
6. pick out as many books as you can carry home
7. make three different forts in separate rooms, one for each kid
8. give them half an hour in each fort, then switch
9. sit down and put your feet up, and enjoy the quiet sounds of turning pages and happy kids
now go ahead and try it, it really worked!  quiet all day long….blissful quiet.  what every mother needs.


  1. GREAT idea! I'm glad you had a relaxing day.

  2. Awesome!! {hope someone got over the cannibalized tadpole} :-(

  3. sounds like a plan, friend! I just may take you up on that today :)

  4. Oh I just love it. We made a trip to the library a couple of days ago, but we already have TONS of books. This is such a great idea!!!!

  5. i am SO going to try this.

    yesterday was not a pleasant day here in the jones house. by noon all 3 kids had been banned from each other (never happened before). this isso being downloaded into MY memory for future sanity.


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