Friday, July 8, 2011

a recap: the fourth

we’ve been busy enjoying summer….bike rides, rests in the hammock, trips to the river and lazy evenings on the patio. it’s been so, so nice but it’s left very little time for anything else…like cleaning house, or paying bills, grocery shopping, and blogging.
so here’s what the fourth looked like at our house:
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we always start the day riding on our church’s float in the city parade. it is so much fun, if you’ve never ridden on a float in a small town parade I highly recommend that you figure out how to do so. you won’t regret it. honest.
after that we went home and got into party mode, after a nap in the hammock of course. I think that’s a daily summer requirement.
we had a birthday party bike parade for Aida’s fifth birthday. it was just a small affair but so, so fun.
she had rainbow cake in a jar (I was going to share the recipe, but don’t want to get up and dig out the recipe card…it’s the best cake I’ve ever had. not light and fluffy, but dense and rich. so good, I can stick it another post if you want, m’kay?)
and of course the bike parade
2011 07 05
then fizzy fruity soda to cool off afterwards (lots of crushed ice, fruit juice concentrate and club soda, yum!)
what’s a party without the after party?
2011 07 051
if was a fun day spent with my favorite peoples. just the way I like it.
(no, there’s nothing wrong with my son-that’s his Nacho Libre smile. you know when he smiles at the end? Levi makes this face all.the.time.)
so what’s up with you friends? hope you’re all having a great summer so far….tomorrow I’m running a half marathon-wish me luck! and I’m sure you’ll hear all about it!)


  1. So fun :) Have a blast running your half!

  2. a bike parade, what a fun birthday idea.

    i have been in a parade 3x! (and then tried again in april
    parades are SO MUCH FUN! my favorite part is community coming TOGETHER.

  3. Great post! Sounds like our 4th and the way I like it!


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