Friday, July 1, 2011

what I won’t be doing this summer:

I won’t be filling up our schedule with lots of planned events.
I won’t be super busy, running from one thing to the next.
I won’t be in a hurry.
I won’t occupy myself with too much.

here’s what I will be doing:

I will keep my schedule clear so we can enjoy spontaneous bike rides and trips to the lake.
2011 06 27
I will say yes to backyard campouts and sleeping in sleeping bags, even if it’s in their own rooms.
I will purposefully approach each day with an open mind to whatever summer adventure comes our way.
2011 07 01
I will let the kids stay up late to watch the sunset or make s’mores, even if I know they will be grumpy the next day because they stayed up late.
I will be flexible.  I will be available.  And I will be present for my kids.
And then I’ll take lots and lots of pictures because I know how fast they grow and change.  I know that some day I’ll long for these carefree days-when they’re not consumed with sports or friends or anything else that pulls them away from home.
Here’s to a summer of saying no to what’s not important (namely my agenda) and yes to the little things that really matter.


  1. Love it. May God bless you and your family with a WONDERFUL summer!

  2. me, too! : ) sounds like a great summer to me!

  3. thanks for this. i read it once last week. but needed it again today, as i'm feeling guilty for neglecting blog land for nearly 1 week in the name of being fully present with the fam for the long holiday plus extra days my hubs took off. my daughter has the same alternating red/blue nails, and your picture reminded me to be thankful i took time to paint them, thankful i took time to be with them all, for the last week.


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