Saturday, August 20, 2011

around here

summer is winding down…..
but we still make time for boysenberry pie
and afternoon games of hiss
and pulling the laundry off the line, does anything smell better than line dried laundry?  I think not.
and of course, waiting for pie
and loosing teeth
and the summer staple of tomato sandwiches, with basil fresh from the garden
and then there’s box sitting.  I know other kids do this, all of my kids have done this-try to fit into boxes from deliveries.  I know someday she’ll grow out of this, I really don’t want that day to come though.
And this weekend we are having the grand adventure of camping, in our backyard.  It’s supposed to be hot, and I’m sure we’ll be heading to the river for a float and then to the lake for a dip.  We want to snatch up all of the summer goodness that we can before we’re back to school.  It’s always bittersweet, the end of summer.  I find myself longing for the routine and predictability of fall, but missing the carefree and relaxing days that summer brings.  And then it always seems like it was just too short, like we just needed a few more weeks, even as we long for the days of autumn.  Life is like that, isn’t it?  It’s hard to be content sometimes, we find ourselves looking for the next thing too often.  At least I know that I do.  I feel as though I am forever looking towards the next thing while longing to be present and enjoy the thing that I have right now.  Restless in my own skin, I am looking for a place to land.  I think that unnamed longing is really birthed of a God who is always wanting me to be pulled toward my eternal home.  There’s a tension that comes from living out a life that will not and cannot be anything like the life that I will have on the other side of glory.  Yet, I know that this transient life is a gift, a blessing even though often times a burden.  I guess when I find myself restless for the next season in life it is because I’m needing the reminder that I am living this earthly life in preparation for the next big thing: my heavenly home. 
I know that all of this has absolutely nothing to do with our weekend plans, but sometimes I think this soul needs reminding that I am not home yet.  This is earth is just a foreshadow of the glory to come.  I long for that, the other side of glory.  When I’m restless here I can remind myself that someday I will be home, in the meantime God has given me a very specific job to do.  It’s my role as a wife, mother, friend, sister, neighbor, and Christ follower to point others to Him.  So others can someday know their true home as well.


  1. You've made me think of an old song from old-time revival meetings as a child..."I've got a home in glory-land that outshines the sun...look a--way beyond the blue." and "this world is not my home, I'm just a'passin' through, my treasures are laid up, somewhere beyond the blue...the angels beckon me from Heaven's open I can't feel at home in this world anymore." Good night, Gina!

  2. our summer has winded down and school has begun, BUT we're going to wind it back up and go camping this next week (oh the joy of homeschooling).

    and i need it, i'm not quiet ready to say good bye to summer yet (am i ever).

    there is much transition in our lives that is causing em to "restless in my own skin, looking for a place to land," reminding me that this is not my home. God seems to do that from time to time, remind me to not be too grounded here, but instead in Him. the reminding is hard.


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