Tuesday, August 23, 2011


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This weekend we “camped.”  It was really hot so we went to the lake.
2011 08 23_0006
We had a fire and made s’mores, food always tastes better when camping right?
2011 08 23_0086
We also hit the local pool.  So spacious that all five of us fit in.  Trust me, it wasn’t really about comfort.
2011 08 23_0071
Of course the tent was in full use.
2011 08 23_0082
And although this wasn’t the camping trip that we had planned, this was the “camping” trip we had.  At home.  We had made plans for a weekend of camping at our favorite lake, but life interrupted.  Mainly, a men’s retreat and a wedding that will pull my husband away from work a bit this week.  Being self employed makes getting time off a bit tricky, because if he doesn’t work we really don’t get paid.  One of the joys of self employment is that we can be flexible with our hours, one of the drawbacks is that there is no paid time off.  So when it came down to it we would have had, at best, one night camping.  And now, if you have ever camped as a mom with three kids and one friend along you know the work it takes to pack and prepare.  All of that was just not worth it for one night.  So we improvised.
We could have pouted and complained, we could have thrown a major fit.  But we were flexible and got the treat of camping at home, so relaxed and so easy.  And everyone had fun.  Being flexible matters, with camping trips and life.  And because we were home my amazing husband made his amazing crepes for breakfast.  And because we were home we got to hit our favorite bakery for a donut on the way to the lake.
Lesson learned?  Be flexible.  And work to make the most of it.  I guess this really was a staycation, wasn’t it?  Whatever it was, it was fun. 
Have you ever camped at home?


  1. you are my kinda mom!

    it's not where the memories are made, it's that the memories are made. this is my kind of memory!

    btw- love your pool.

    my kids camped in the living room at the beginning of the summer. they were setting up outside when we received an obscene phone call {we didn't tell the kids about it, but creatively moved their campgrounds indoors. memories were made!

    we are going camping for real this weekend. i hope we have as much fun away as your family did at home.


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