Saturday, September 3, 2011

fall (yes, I'm going there) weekends

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a typical fall Saturday includes a bit of crochet, some time running, a bit of laziness, some baking, some resting, and of football

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that all makes me one happy girl.

I think starting school this week has made the weekend a little bit sweeter, I'm sure that college football has something to do with it too.  I think it all comes down to getting back into the routine, times of resting balanced by school work and house work all with a good dose of predictability make this mom happy.

Although I'm still good with summer weather I am so ready for fall, and The Office and Modern Family.  Throw in some Duck games and we've got it made.

I like fall weekends, I like the routine of fall, and just for fun I love this picture.

to all the grandmas out there:  we were in our neighborhood, going all of maybe 2 miles per hour, down the street.....I have fond memories of doing the same thing with my dad, except we were out on the road and probably going a bit faster.  And I turned out just fine, mostly :)

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what are you up to this weekend?


  1. i can't believe you "went there." i'm in fall denial.

    i use to drive like this when i was little too. like you i "mostly" turned out okay.

  2. Grandma A would be proud of your crochet creations.
    Turned out really cute.

  3. Not mostly ok...You turned out awesome. Love that picture and the memory of you driving with dad! Cute crochet! I'm with you. Love Fall and so ready to leave behind these 90-100 days. Praying for a good school week...


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