Monday, September 5, 2011

hello Monday

hello sleeping in

hello big fat breakfast

2011 09 05_0233

hello pillow fort

2011 09 05_0229

hello sonic happy hour

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hello wishes for a great new week!

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we're all geared up for our second week of school....and one child is already saying that he doesn't want to do school tomorrow.  grrr.  we're praying for a positive attitude and a willing heart this week.  maybe you're in the same boat as your kids head back to school, I guess adjusting to a new routine isn't always easy-even when it's good for you.  we are excited to get back to ballet this week, and one little boy just might be starting karate.  bad attitudes aside, I know it's going to be a good week!

hope you all have a great week too!


  1. This is my first attempt at home schooling my little preschooler and she is already telling me she doesn't want to do school. :/ What things do you do that excites them to continue?

  2. That looks like a perfect Monday! I hope you have a fantastic week!!

  3. i don't want to do school either.
    but this week is going to be a good week...this week is going to be a good week...this week is going to be a good week (i'm gonna have to talk myself into it).

  4. We are back in school. I got to say Hello Stomach Flu... on Labor Day. The Kid got a horrible case of it. Welcome Back to school! :)


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