Friday, September 23, 2011

insta Friday

Have you ever heard of insta-Friday?  It's a special place to share all your instant/cell phone pics from the week.  Everyone's doing it.  Well, at least a bunch of people are.  I think it's fun, and I love having a phone on my camera to capture little bits of life that I might not necessarily get with  my big ol bulky camera.  It seems like life less posed, more real.  

This week the kids and I tagged along with Zac as he attended some meetings.  Two days away, hotel pool, shopping?  Yes please.

We didn't see much of Zac, but sure had a great time.

BeFunky Retro on Android 

Hanging out at PF Changs.  Yum.  We don't have one near us, so this is a total treat.

BeFunky LomoArt on Android 

Wishful shopping.

BeFunky LomoArt on Android 

Movie watching in the hotel bed, such a treat to stay up late and watch the Phineas and Ferb movie.  I'm sure other adults enjoy Phineas and Ferb as much as I do, right?  They crack me up.

BeFunky LomoArt on Android 

Lots of pool time.

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Levi picked up some spy glasses, with little mirrors on the side so you can see behind you.  They really do work, he loves them and enjoys being mysterious when he wears them.

BeFunky Retro on Android BeFunky Retro on Android BeFunky Viewfinder on Android

On the road, sacked out and blurry because we were laughing so hard about how it looked like she fell asleep while doing the robot.  

And that was the week, it was so very fun.  We came home, cleaned up and did laundry and now I'm off to ladies retreat this weekend!  It's gonna be good, so good.

What have you been up to this week?

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  1. I've been enjoying doing InstaFriday pics too. :)
    Looks like a great week with lots of fun!
    We love P.F. Chang.
    Phineas and Ferb or Dirty Jobs were the choices today for us as we all sat down to some t.v time. I picked Phineas and Ferb!!
    Hope you had a great retreat-

  2. great to see your insta-friday pix!

    i got to go to pf changs with a girlfriend friday. we shared delicious food and delicious conversation..perfect combination!

    the rest of the weekend was spent blog sugar overdosing! it was good. so good.

    hope you were refreshed at your women's retreat!


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