Monday, October 31, 2011

goat heads and throat coat and a few other things

There are a few things happening around the house lately.
Things are looking up these days.  There’s less dizziness and less vertigo and the brain fog that characterizes my mean Meniere's has evaporated.  That alone is making these days good.
Also, there are goat heads.  These are something new to me, something I never encountered until we moved here.  They’re little sharp barbs that turn up on the trails; they deflate bike tires, stick in the soles of your shoes and hurt really bad if they happen to get tracked into the house and then stepped on barefoot.  And I’m guessing they must be seasonal, because all of a sudden we are stopping several times on our regular runs so one little doggie can pull them out of his paws.  Ouch.
(can you feel his pain?  pathetic isn’t it?)
Then there’s tea.  Tea is just one of my favorite cold weather things, especially throat coat tea.  I might just be the only person who drinks it even when they’re not sick.  I love the taste of it, all the time and anytime.  And now that the weather is colder I usually have a cup close by.
And then it’s nearly November.  It seems crazy how quickly the seasons go by.  Wasn’t it just spring break?  I am looking forward and planning for the Christmas season, but also I’m feeling really sorry for Thanksgiving.  It seems like it’s getting brushed aside more and more.  But it’s still important.  Taking time for thankfulness and gratitude is kind of a big deal, don’t you think?  And I have to be honest and admit that I’m already itching to get out our Christmas decorations.  But I don’t want to miss November.  I don’t want to miss the coziness of it, the slowing down before the holiday rush, and the gratitude that should mark our days all month long.   So even though I might just be (slowly) taking out Christmas, I’ll be purposefully adding in gratitude.  It shouldn’t be pushed aside.
So here’s to a grateful November, one in which I pause to say thank you and to be full of thanks for all the wonderful things I have.  Not to be bossy or anything, but I think you should too.  It’s good for the soul.

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