Friday, October 14, 2011

happy things

2011 10 14_0646wall
This wall in the alley by our church, and the prospect of taking pictures of the kids here.  I see them sitting on that window sill eating ice cream cones or something.  Or pushing each other off, hmmm…..might need to rethink this one.
2011 10 14_0604
Tomatoes from the garden ripening in the sun, just waiting to made into roasted tomato soup.
2011 10 14_0591
An art project kind of day.
2011 10 14_0593
I moved the furniture around and then discovered that I could take this console table from upstairs and stick it here behind the couch.  Now I have a way to keep my kids from launching themselves over the couch and a place to stack some blankets.  Win-win.
2011 10 14_0594
A green pumpkin with a curly-cue stem.
2011 10 14_0614
This girl.
2011 10 10_0523
Creativity, making a super long straw out of smaller ones taped together.  (the verdict:  she couldn’t take a deep enough breath to suck up any water, but A for effort!)
2011 10 10_0570
Three monkeys who made a fort out of pillows and then destroyed it in the process of wrestling with each other.
2011 10 14_0600
A new hat.
And a weekend, which we all know is a blessed thing.  And despite almost constant dizziness it has been a good week, full of happy in the midst of it all.  Sometimes happy is elusive, but if you look hard enough you can find it.  It’s always there, waiting to be discovered.  And you know what?  That happy stuff always leads to a load of gratitude.
And with that, discover some happy this weekend!  And then take it’s picture because if your anything like me, you might not remember it until you look through your uploaded photos.  Just saying.


  1. Those owl crafts! So very cute...are those toilet paper rolls under there, w/ the top half-circle cut out?

    Have a great weekend!

    ps, if you don't have a recipe you already love for roasted tomato soup:

  2. I love happy things! I love the console table behind the couch :) I need something like that for storage.

  3. i like your hat and your perspective. i NEED to borrow both.


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