Saturday, October 29, 2011


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I was griping to myself the other day.  I can’t really remember what it was about, something trivial and petty I’m sure.  I happened to be driving somewhere at the time.  I don’t remember where.  Probably somewhere silly that I drive to all the time, like the grocery store (the place they all know me and the kids by name.)

As I was going along I passed a neighbor I had recently met through another neighbor.  She has a few young daughters, the cutest little gals (well, other than mine you know-I am biased and not ashamed to admit it.)  But this mom, the one with the two cute daughters has recently lost her husband.  He was killed in an accident.  And now she’s a single mom, doing the job of two parents all by herself.

Instantly my griping seemed ridiculous.  Whatever I was frustrated about melted away and I found myself so grateful for where I am right now in life.  I have an amazing husband.  He’s a hands on guy who helps out, parents the kids, is present and with us.  And although sometimes life seems hard and stressful, I have very little that is really worth complaining about.  (And usually what I am complaining about has come about because of my own self, messing things up.)

I said a prayer for this mom and her girls and have been wondering ever since what else I can do for them.  And I’ve been looking at my husband with great thankfulness.

My perspective shifted that day.  I have a lot.  It is all a gift.  And in it all I see evidence of the Divine Creator placing everything in my life just so, according to his plan.  Not mine.  It causes me to overflow with gratitude. 

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  1. What a great post. It's sad though that it often takes something like this for us to think differently. I was griping one day a few years back about my dh, who had just come home from Iraq, leaving his socks on the floor when I got a call from my friend asking me to come over because her dh had just been killed in a IED attack. It was a shock to the system and made me appreciate the fact that my dh was still able to leave his socks on the floor.


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