Friday, November 25, 2011

Christmas on Purpose-Day One: Make a Schedule

Welcome!  I’m so glad that you’ve joined me for Christmas on Purpose!  I’m coming off a food coma, and you just might be too.  Or maybe you were up at o’dark thirty to shop.  Whatever your day after Thanksgiving looks like I’m so glad you’re here.
What is “Christmas on Purpose” all about?
Well, it’s just a little bit of daily inspiration for all of us to keep the main thing the main thing during the Christmas season.  We all know it can be crazy busy.  We all know we can get stressed.  We all know we can take on a bit too much.  And in the midst of all that we sometimes forget the reason for Christmas. 
I know I can be distracted by all the trappings and glitter and shiny things, and I end up focusing on those more than I focus on the birth of Jesus.  And I’ve always said, “Jesus didn’t come as a baby so I could have my own idea of a perfect Christmas.”  So Christmas on Purpose is my attempt to remember the meaning of the holiday, and to share 30 days of experiencing Jesus and purpose during the Christmas season. 
So today, on day one let’s keep it simple okay? 
I’ll just share this quick tip to keep Christmas sane:  make a schedule.  Get your calendar out and mark all the activities you know you will have, and the ones you know you want to have.  Our calendar this year includes a few children’s performances and a Christmas party or two. 
But I will also schedule in the fun things, things we aren’t at all obligated to do but really want to do.  The things we really enjoy doing.  Because I know that sometimes it’s hard to fit in the things we really enjoy if we don’t actually put them on the calendar.  Things like ice skating and sledding and baking cookies. 
But as I schedule these things I also keep in mind the need to be flexible, there might not be enough snow to sled.  Or we just really might not feel like making cookies on the appointed cookie day.  And that’s okay.  The schedule serves us at Christmas time, we don’t serve it.  And that’s how we keep a bit of sanity.  And one thing that’s always on my schedule, especially during the holidays?  Rest, clear days with nothing scheduled so we can indulge in a Christmas movie marathon, or go out sledding one more time or take an impromptu drive to see Grandma.  They’re flex days, and no matter the season those days are needed.
What kind of things are your schedule this season?

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