Sunday, November 27, 2011

Christmas on Purpose: Keep Christmas Past in the Past

Let Christmas past stay there.  Maybe you’ve had some less than awesome Christmas seasons.  Tragedy or loss, sickness or disaster may mark your memories more than joy to the world does.  Or maybe you’re just sad and nostalgic for the kind of Christmas you had as a child.  There might be a temptation to go there, to wallow in those Christmas pasts.  We might go there because it’s comfortable.  It’s all we know to live in the past. 
But the past is called the past for a reason.  It is the Christmas that was.  Right now is the Christmas you have.  And that is the Christmas that should be enjoyed.  Don’t let the past events of Christmas keep you from enjoying the Christmas you have right now.  That doesn’t mean we minimize or lessen the loss and sorrow that might have happened.  There is real loss and sorrow that rips a soul right open and leaves it bare, like an exposed wound.  But healing doesn’t come by agitating the wound.  Healing comes by acknowledging it happened and then moving forward to what is ahead. 
In the midst of the real loss and real sorrow and the pain and the memories there is hope.  There is always hope.  It’s hope that appeared to weary shepherds who were working the night shift.  Dirty, smelly men who tended sheep.  I can hardly imagine that the life of a shepherd was easy; a nomadic wandering life looking after smelly, dumb animals.  But on that night so long ago smelly shepherds were the first to receive the greatest message of hope ever given.  Christ had come, a savior, one whose very name speaks of God coming to earth.  They received a message of hope.  That message is the same today as it was way back then.  It invites to move forward, to strain towards what is ahead. 

Forgetting what is behind and pressing to what is ahead, I press on…. (Philippians 3:13)
Embrace the Christmas that is now, not the Christmas that was.

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  1. gosh, this is so great too. you have such wise words. and how could i forget to mention how AMAZING your blog is lookin' these days!! great job!


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