Sunday, November 20, 2011


We had our first snow this week.  It was surprising and exciting. 
I think God knows we need a little something special when he sends us snow.  I love the way it slows things down.  It’s arrival invites us to linger and play and laugh, then sip hot chocolate and do it all over again.
Snow is like that.  It’s irresistible to the kid and the kid at heart. 
And so we played.  Well, they played more than I did.  But they did play, all day long.  And then the next day I enjoyed a nice run through the snow spotted trails.  We all enjoyed the lovely white gift of snow.
Snow feels like magic.  We missed the first snow of the year last year because we were out of town.  I was feeling bittersweet about leaving home for Thanksgiving this year simply because I did not want to miss that first magical snowfall.  It was right on time for us this year, God is pretty cool like that. 
I think it’s been all played out as it slowly melted away yesterday and today. 
But the coming of the first snowfall marks the beginning of a wonderful winter, filled with holidays and evenings by the fire and cozy blankets with hot chocolate.  And I’m so thankful for all of those things.
I’m thankful for well used snow too.  At our house it doesn’t lay all pretty and smooth like in some other yards.  Every bit is used and reused until it all melts away.  I like it so much because it reminds me of the very excited kids who will gladly postpone lessons and everything else to go out and play.  If I’m delighted that much by my kids enjoying God’s creation, how much more delighted is God when we enjoy what he’s created just for us?
I think it makes him pretty pleased, don’t you? 


  1. We haven't had snow yet and my hubby was mighty disappointed that it missed us. I wasn't really disappointed until I read your post and really thought about all the missed out fun. Did chores instead. Now maybe we will be all ready and caught up when it comes our way.....

  2. How lovely! We had our first snow a few weeks ago and I too just loved the way we all slowed down a bit. Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. My kids have never experienced a snow fall. I remember my CO days and the peace around that snow coming down. So beautiful.

  4. "If I’m delighted that much by my kids enjoying God’s creation, how much more delighted is God when we enjoy what he’s created just for us?"

    amen to that!

    happy thanksgiving, gina!


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