Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Christmas on Purpose

A while back a whole bunch of bloggers got together and devoted the month of October to blogging daily about a particular subject.  There was 31 days of Lovely Limitations, 31 day of Real, 31 days of Gratitude, 31 days to a better picture, and 31 days inspired for the holidays-plus a whole lot more.  I thought it would be fun to join in, but I really couldn’t even think of what I could possibly say for 31 days straight.
So I decided to blog for 30 days straight.  One less day makes all the difference. 
Christmas can be stressful, we all know that.  There is always much to do, much to spend, much on the calendar.  It all seems like a little too much, doesn’t it?  I got to wondering about what would happen if I was intentional about injecting meaning and purpose into all of my December activities, the sacred and the silly.  I thought about how I could find meaning in this busy season, and I came up with an idea.  30 days to Christmas on purpose, 30 days to finding meaning throughout the Christmas season.  This is mostly for me because I don’t want to get to Christmas morning wondering how I got there so fast, and wondering why I didn’t stop to savor the season more.
So beginning on November 25th I will be posting every day.  Yes, every single day, until Christmas eve.  That will be 30 days of ideas and prayers and tips to putting more meaning into our Christmas season.  Some will be simple, some will be profound, some will be silly.  They will most likely be short, because you and I both know that time is usually of the essence come December.  But my prayer is that these reminders for you, and for me, will be encouraging and helpful and point us all back to the true meaning of Christmas.
Sound good?  I’d love for you to join me for 30 days of doing Christmas on purpose. 
And if that’s not enough, Nancy over at the Goat and the Kid is hosting some awesome blogging fun too! 
Christmas is for parties, and fun and inspiration.  So mark your calendars….it’s gonna be a blast!  


  1. Such an inspiring idea, Gina! I'll be following along with each of your posts! :)

  2. oh. i like this. i would have to begin today. today! begin savoring. i need to savor. how? where to begin?
    looking forward to your savoring!


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