Friday, December 30, 2011

after Christmas

Christmas happened big time around here.  In fact, we just had our second Christmas morning with my family. 
Two Christmas mornings are mighty nice, don’t you think?
Now the tree is down and the house is sort of clean and we’re gearing up for a seventh birthday party tonight.  Our sweet middle child is seven today and has planned (all by herself) a cheese party.  Seriously folks, a cheese party.  It’s a full meal deal, complete with fondue, mini grilled cheese, crackers and cheese, a giant veggie tray, and a Grampie made cheesecake.  All her favorite things.  It’s too bad that four adults in the family won’t be able to eat it due to dairy and gluten intolerances.  That’s okay, it’s not about us. 
And then tomorrow it’s all about games and family time and ringing in the new year.  And then going to bed because we have church in the morning :)
That’s where we are today, and I’m feeling full.  Not full of food (even though I am) but full of gratitude and emotion and thoughts about what a new year will hold for us as a family.  I’m grateful for a new start, and a fresh year.  And resolutions?  Well I have a few ideas about those, but I’ll share them with you later. 
For now it’s time to fire up the fondue pot my friends.  Happy Friday, Happy December 30th, and Happy Almost New Year!

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