Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas on Purpose: be all there

Christmas can pull at a person, can’t it?  And even though I’m trying to be un-busy, I still find myself being lost the hurry scurry.  It’s the pulling of this thing called life I think.
But in the midst of it I hear the words I read last night in this book, “where ever you are, be all there.”
Be all there, in the midst of it.  Noticing, thanking, breathing in the essence of the right now.  I want to be all there, all here in this Christmas season. 
Gratitude goes a long way in this process.  Stopping and noticing all there is to be thankful for, capturing the gift of now.  Today I noticed the now, the gifts all around me.  Because the stopping and thanking forces me to be in the moment, forces me not to think of the next thing. 
the riot of birdsong, as if they’re celebrating something I don’t know about
the weak morning sun, breaking through clouds, bouncing off the frost on the juniper trees
the curve the youngest child’s cheek as she sleeps, the way her hair falls along her shoulder
Spending Christmas intentionally doesn’t just happen.  It must be sought after.  It’s a challenge to be all there right where I am, but worth the fight to do it.  I want to be in the moment more, in doing that I truly can enjoy Christmas. 

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  1. "Spending Christmas intentionally doesn’t just happen. It must be sought after."



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