Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas on Purpose: books

We have special Christmas books.  And as a teacher/mom I love reading them with my kids.  Give me a pile of wonderful storybooks, three kids in their jammies, and an hour before bedtime and I’m a happy mom.


Yes, I have visions of being a librarian.  I don’t know if that will happen in real life, but I can pretend with my kids, right?

Librarian visions aside, we have started a small collection of Christmas storybooks.  We’ve usually only added one a year, but this year we’ll be adding three.  I just couldn’t pick one. 

So when the elves deem it appropriate, the kids get a new wrapped up book in the book basket.  If you’ve been reading this series for a while you’ll notice that the “elves” do a lot for the kids.  They are the ones who fill up the advent calendar with candies or small gifts or even activities.  Of course the elves are just me and Zac, don’t tell.  But there is a small conspiracy among the children of this house that some owls may be in on the delivery process.  You know, Harry Potter style.  Levi swears he heard owls hooting last night and so he’s beginning to wonder if the elves and Hedwig work together.  I can only imagine the stories and traditions this will create as they one day tell their children about the owl/elves who delivered Christmas goodies every morning in the month of December. 

So we add to our collection every December and once the Christmas decorations are packed away we pack the books away too.  It’s always a treat when they come out of the box the next year.  I think my favorite thing about this whole tradition is that we sign the inside of the new books each year.  Everyone adds their signature and their age.  It’s a precious collection of their growth, and often shocking to see how far their handwriting has come. 

Traditions marked with intention make our Christmas season feel much more grounded and intentional.  And I know these books will be a treasure as they grow. 

Do you have special Christmas collections? 

edited:  I’m going to add our favorite books to this list so if you’re just starting out this tradition you’ve got some ideas, click on each title for the Amazon link
Santa Are you for Real? (this is a reprint, I’m blessed to have the 1977 version from my childhood, complete with lovely vintage drawings.  Hands down, it’s our favorite.)
and of course, we comb the library for ideas for new ones to add to our collection, there are so many wonderful Christmas stories!


  1. This is such a wonderful idea! I'd be curious to know what your family's favorite Christmas books are...?

  2. We love our Christmas books too. Our favorites are "The Monster in the Cave"... and the classic, "The Night Before Christmas".

    I love your idea with having the kids sign them...

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. we do the same thing...pack them away until next year and it is so fun for them to read when the box gets brought out. i love that you all sign the insides!!! how ever will you divide them up when the kids leave the house?? so what are your three new ones?? my newest absolute fav is the Legend of the Candy Cane, a tale of a man who opens a candy shop and shares the love and story of Jesus through candy canes. but i can't go without the original Grinch and the Velveteen Rabbit too.

  4. we have a small collection of Christmas books too, which are packed away, then brought out at Christmas too.
    my favorite is "The Tale of Three Trees."

    i do see other bloggers getting Christmas books at the library, wrapping them to unwrap each day and read. i could afford that idea... IF i remember to take the books back to the library before their due date!


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