Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas on Purpose: the good stuff

This time of year we like to pull out the good stuff.  Stuff like Bob’s Sweet Stripe candy canes and homemade hot chocolate.  Because savoring Christmas means making time for the little things.  Little things like peppermint hot chocolate with a candy cane and sprinkles make Christmas quite wonderful. 
Hot chocolate with a candy is a special Christmas treat, and I love it.
What’s your favorite treat at Christmas time?
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  1. my favorite christmas treat is "crack," a.k.a. "peppermint cracker candy"
    (recipe link below). very easy to make (take it from this non-baker) beware, it's ADDICTIVE (hence the name)!

  2. I love to whip out the hot chocolate too. We have Christmas dishes that induce a smile or two. Mostly the smile is on me because this reminds me of my childhood! xoxo


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