Friday, December 2, 2011

Christmas on Purpose: happy with my Jesus music

Today it’s gotta be simple…but I think sometimes the most meaningful things can be simple. 
We hunted down our tree today, it’s decorated and glowing and the carpet’s been vacuumed.  And I am tired.  Happy, but tired.
It seems like some Jesus music is just the thing for this kind of moment.  I love all kinds of Christmas music, but sometimes White Christmas and Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer just don’t cut it.  I need something with substance.  And if music can set the mood then I want the mood of my heart to be ready for my king.
So I’ve been listening, some of my favorites today are Offering and O Holy Night.  Tomorrow that might be different.  But it gets my heart in the right place.  The fun music is fun, by it doesn’t matter if my heart is in the wrong place. 
What’s your favorite Jesus music?


  1. Amy Grant has some pretty good "Jesus" Christmas music on her holiday album...I think my favorite is Breath of Heaven.

  2. favorite. how can i pick?

    depends on the day, the mood, the moment, the Spirit's stirring.

    Bebo Norman- Great Light of the World
    Jars of Clay - Drummer Boy
    Bebo Norman- Mary's Song
    Chris Rice- Welcome to Our World (rob our sin and make us holy)
    Our Christmas (1990ish)-God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman

    Oh Come All Ye Faithful
    Joy to the World (this is a favorite at Christmas AND Easter).

    each one hits me in a new way, revelation each year. *love*


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